Tuesday Teaser...a little late.

Between the holidays and being off work, I have no clue what day it is.  Sorry this is late, but here's a little tease from Caged Chapter 26!  LOVE the new banner from Melissa Melton!

I wasn’t sure what to do about Sunday dinners.
“I don’t want him to know,” I told Aro.  I leaned back on the couch and resisted the urge to put my feet up on Chelsea’s coffee table.  “He doesn’t need to know I’m staying here and he doesn’t need to know about Bella being here, either.”

“It’s not like he hasn’t already met her,” Aro said.  He poured himself a small shot of scotch and offered me the same.  “You know I told him about her the second I got back from Portland.  I was thrilled to know you were in a relationship, and so was he.”

“Well, he doesn’t need to know anything else.”

“Edward, he’s you father-”

“No!” I interrupted.  “He lost that right a long time ago!”

“He’s tried to make amends,” Aro said.  He set the bottle of scotch back down on the bar and wiped off the counter where he must have spilled a bit.

“Bullshit!” I replied.

“It is not bullshit!” Aro yelled back.  The scotch forgotten, he crossed the room with his finger pointed at me.  “He tried to reach, you Edward – he tried to take it all back, even before Angela’s funeral!  You wouldn’t speak to him!  He tried to reach out to you later, and you wouldn’t talk to him then, either!  When Emmet finally found you and they showed up together, you broke his jaw.”

“What?” I snapped back.

“Didn’t know that, did you?” Aro growled.  “Broken in three places and he lost four teeth.  He had the whole thing wired shut for two months while he took meals through a straw.  He wouldn’t even let Esme try again after that, thinking you might really hurt her.  You were out of fucking control, Edward!  He fucked up, too, but you can’t lay all of this on your father!”


Hmmm...maybe Edward's view of what happened in the past is a little skewed?

I got a ton of work done on the chapter today, so it should be ready on time!  

See you Friday!

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