Profound New Years Day Post

Happy New Year's Day everyone!  It's fairly unlikely that this post is going to be the least bit profound, but I always feel like I ought to say something insightful for the new year.  Maybe that should be one of my resolutions - come up with a profound post for 2014.

It's been a busy year for me - new day job, dealing with all the usual family stuff, making my first real venture into the world of eBook publishing.  It has all been very exciting and different, and my OCD self is still struggling with all the change.

I did really well on resolutions last year (3 of 4 completed!), so I'm going to see if I can manage to do as well this year.

1.  Otherwise Alone continuation.  I'm really, really happy with how well Otherwise Alone has been received, and I've already started on book 2 - Otherwise Occupied.  If all goes well, and I can keep working on it steadily, I think it will be out sometime in March.  After that, there may be a third book then in the summer.  We'll see. :)

2.  Finish The Gladiator's Slave - a story I was working on last summer, then abandoned for a while.  I think I'll start on it again after Otherwise Occupied is done.

3.  Get my website up and going.  I've been trying to get it all figured out, but it's been slow and I don't have much patience for such things.  

4.  Get back to a workout schedule.  I think I had this claim last year as well, but I really mean it this time!  Um...yeah...sure I do!  It's the only one I didn't manage to do last year.

5.  Get my son successfully transitioned to college life int he fall.  I'm excited for him, but it will be very hard to not have him around every day.  He is my first child and only son, and though I know it needs to happen, letting him go will be hard to do.

One of my resolutions last year was to meet more of my twi-fandom friends, which I did accomplish!  I got the meet my wonderful beta DK, my logo designer Chonga, and my blog mistress JustRobin this year, which was freaking fabulous!  I also met a bunch of wonderful ladies at Dragon Con, which we will definitely have to do again this year!  In June I'll be at the TwiFic Meetup in Chicago!  You should be there, too!

Did you set some resolutions for yourself?

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