Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 24

Happy it's-no-longer-Monday day!  It's time for a little glimpse into the next chapter of Caged.  There were a lot of mixed reactions and emotions from the last chapter, which I love!  Edward, Bella, Tanya - it's that word "should" that always gets them.  What the characters should do and what we want them to do is just not always the same thing, huh?

Let's see how Edward and Dr. Banter are getting along, shall we?

Still shaking, I curled up on my side and let the nurse run a cold cloth over the back of my neck.  Part of me wanted to punch him in the face, and another part of me wanted to at least tell him to go fuck himself, but I didn’t.

I was too exhausted to do anything.

Banner had let me take my time, and I had talked to him for a good three hours before I managed to get it all out there.  My stomach revolted, sweat poured out of my skin, my hands shook, and I honestly wasn’t sure if it was because my body wanted H or because my mind wanted to shut down and Banner wasn’t letting me.

I thought I was supposed to feel better after getting it all out there, but I didn’t.

I couldn’t even sleep that night.

Banner returned in the morning and handed me a brown paper sack.  I looked at him warily, and then slowly pulled out a small book with fabric covering.  I thumbed through it, but all the pages were blank.
Thank you Favnia for the banner!

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” I asked.

“Write in it,” he responded with a shrug.  “That’s what you do with a journal.”

“You’re giving me a fucking diary?”  I asked.  “Do I look like a twelve-year-old girl?”

“No, you look like a completely destroyed grown-up man.”  He put his hands on his hips and looked down at me.  “I’m sending you home tomorrow.  I want you to at least write something in it before your first session with Irina Denali.”

I didn’t even pay any attention to what he said.  Probably should have.

See you all on Friday!

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