Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 3!

It's that time again!  Tuesday Teasers are back, and on the right day this time!

Here's a little snippit from Chapter 3...

“Evil Eye fights again!” Paul roared out in greeting.  I fist-bumped with him, then went back to nursing my beer.  A few minutes later, Sam cocked his head to one side to point at the door, and I followed him out for a smoke.

“Word on the street says you fucked up some guys on your way home the other night.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, raising my brow as I lit up.  “Who said that?”

“One of the guys you fucked up.”

I laughed and took a deep drag.

“He came in here last night saying Evil Eye Cullen broke his nose,” Sam told me.  “He thought that as his employer, Jasper ought to pay for it.”

“Oh yeah?” I said again.  “What did Jasper do?”

“Had me break one of his fingers.”


Aren't they a fun bunch?  Chapter 3 posts on Friday!  See you then!

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