I Like Different

Need a story rec?  has an interesting twist on the usual fanfic.  See the story from both sides, but not in the way you might have seen before with the traditional POV switch.  Bella's all about the words, Edward is all about the pictures.  And for the love of all that's holy, these pics are not for viewing when the younguns are in the room!

Check out Mars and Venus on tumbler!   It's a drabble with a twist...and a few turns...and some positions I'm not completely sure are entirely possible...

What's Edward REALLY thinking about?


  1. Thanks for the rec! Waiting for you is like waiting for ur fav show and having to find something else to watch 6 days of the week... It sucks! Thank you!!!! Much love!!!

  2. Wow you weren't kidding about it being not for viewing around kids!