I know, I'm a Cockblocker

Sorry about that.  Well, not really.  I should have time this afternoon or this evening to write some more, so there should be another update tonight.  Hang in there!

I'm trying to get my house picked up in time for my daughter's birthday party.  I'm all worried about it, because pretty much no one has RSVPed except one negative.  I hate that.  It's a sleepover, so she only invited a handful of kids, and now I'm freaking out thinking no one will end up being able to come over and she'll be all upset.  I don't know if I should warn her so she's prepared, or if that will just make her worry all day.  Gah!  It goes back to childhood (well, college days) trauma when I threw a party and no one showed up. :(

I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics last night.  Some nice surprises/cameos there, especially Rowan Atkinson, which cracked me up, and Beckham driving the boat with the torch.  Very impressive!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Just remember...

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  1. I think that is gonna be my new background on my phone!!! Love it!!! As for your daughter, that sucks! I had a party once and only 1 person showed up :( We jist watched tv... He wasn't even that good a friend... He just rode my bus and lived a few blocks away :/ Hope everything works out!!! Much love!!!