Euro Cup Quarter Finals! Go Germany!!!

 I'll be taking off work early this afternoon to hang out at the pub and watch the game!  Where will you be?

Sorry I haven't done much with Win Some, Lose Some this week - it's been a busy one!  I've been reading all the Driven to Desire Contest stories, which makes it hard to write - reading other stories distracts me too much.  I do have the next chapter buzzing around my head (among other stuff), and hope to get an update out this evening.

Also, because SOMEBODY (JadaPattinson) put the idea in my head, the next story you are likely going to be seeing from me is UFCWard.  I know nothing about the sport, so I've got some research to do, but I've got a storyline fermenting in my head, and I think you'll like it.  I probably won't start posting any of it until WSLS is done.  We'll see.  I'm also still working on The Gladiator's Slave, and hope to get Otherwise Alone published soon.

So, what else has been going on?  I'm still looking for that "to do" list, which just about puts my life on hold.  I can't get anything done!  I might have to resort to the one that isn't the right shape... gah!

The new job is going well, but is keeping me on my toes.  That's a good thing, I think.  My daughter has been at ranch camp this week riding horses.  She comes home tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear about what she has learned.  My son has his first real, official, has to fill out W2 (tax) forms job!  Woo hoo!  He's been volunteering at the YMCA summer camps since school let out, and they're finally offering him a paying job.  Yay! 

That's all the news I have.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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