Caged Teaser: Admit it - You Want This

This is not made for TV.  This is the raw, brutal underground of no-holds-barred combat.  Inside the cage there is nothing but me and the pain I inflict on those who dare enter.  In the cage, I never had to worry about anyone but myself.  When she started standing outside of it, everything changed.  I was no longer fighting for the money or the glory – I had to fight for her.

She walked around me like a cat with a single finger stroking over my shoulders and neck.  She ran her fingernails lightly over the tribal tattoos covering my back, and then dipped the tips of her fingers into my emerald green trunks.  With still slow movements, she checked all around the hem of my shorts. 

The thought was to verify the fighters didn’t have anything hard, sharp, or hidden inside, but in reality it was nothing more than foreplay for the audience.  Classical conditioning.  They were drooling now, and they’d all orgasm by the time the fight was over.  I eyed her with a cocky half grin as she finished it off by running her hand over my dick, much to the pleasure of the crowd.


Coming in July for all brave, trusting souls.


  1. Can't think


  2. Hell yes!!! I can't wait!!

  3. I'm Team Jacob and Paul. But I've read such fics as We Were Here and The Red Line and this teaser...you've done fabulous with the build up to this fic that you've got me, Team Wolf and all, foaming at the mouth. Can't wait for tonight!