Weekend Tease - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 9!

Ah, this vampire is all about the crazy, isn't he?

Images of my mother with her slender fingers gripping the lapels of Carlisle’s doctor’s coat flood through his mind.  Her tender plea – no, demand – rings in the ears of his memory.  Save my son – do anything within your power to save him.

He rights himself from his defensive crouch, and his eyes plead with me.

How could I deny her?

Again, I laugh.  The sound quickly turns from chortle to challenge, and a growl comes from deep within my chest.

“Deny her?” I yell.  “She wanted you to save my life, not end it!  You wanted a companion – a pet – so badly, and you needed the justification.  You used the dying wishes of a feverish woman to convince yourself to change me!  What did you think, that she had somehow figured out you were a vampire, and that you could change me into a blood sucking demon?  Do you think if she had known what you were she would have asked for her son to be like you?  Seriously Carlisle?”

There are only 2 chapters left in this fic.  Ponder that, then join the RobstenLove Reading group for TMT!

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