Teaser Time! Tempt My Tongue Chapter 8

It is about time for your favorite complete nutcase vampire to make another appearance!  Here's a little preview of what is to come...

Her dull, hazel eyes rake over my shoulders and chest, and I am not about to pass up the opportunity.  It would be better for Bella in the long run if I was as sated as possible.

I smile and take a few steps closer to the young woman.  The corner of her mouth turns up and she tilts her head to one side, exposing her long, slender neck when her hair drops off her shoulder.  I can see the increasing tempo of her pulse under her skin.

Show me the veins, baby.

“Want one?” she asks as she holds up a pack of cigarettes.

I almost laugh.

“Not what I was hoping to find out here, no,” I say smoothly.

“Really?  Date not going well?”  She’s hopeful and sure of herself.  Words that pass through her head to describe Bella make me want to draw out her death – plain, dull, mousy…

As if Bella could be any of those things.

“It could be better,” I respond with a shrug.  It will be better, just as soon as I get my dinner.  Who better to serve it to me than the server?

So fucking hot.  I could so do him…

I reach out and run my finger along the edge of her jaw.  I stop at her lips, slowly pulling away the cigarette and tossing it into the street with a flick of one finger.  My peripheral vision catches the sight of sparks as I step closer and push my cool body against hers.  She backs in to the wall, and is literally stuck between a rock and a hard place as I cover her mouth with mine. 

She has no idea of the danger she is in.  Her tongue passes my lips with barely a thought in her head about a strange man in an alley pressing her body against the wall and kissing her.

Sometimes they are just too easy.

Waitress is on the menu tonight!

The chapter is close to done, so you should not have to wait much longer!  Thanks for being so patient!

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