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It's a Monday, and I shall be hanging at home with a sick kid today.  Hope to get her to the doctor this morning.  In the meantime, we'll see what kind of housework/writing I can accomplish, hmm?

Tempt My Tongue Chapter 9 is off to beta, so hopefully there won't be too much waiting before that one comes out.  I'll be working a bit on chapter 10 (the last chapter - no epilogue), and also working on a new story.  Here's a little summary!

Since the death of my father in the arena, I had been alone in the Ludus Dacicus.  I spent every day preparing to kill or die in the great Colosseum of Rome.  Every night, I prayed to the gods to give me a reason beyond the blood.  

As the Champion Gladiator, I was favored by both the common and the elite.

As a slave, my life was not my own.  

As a man, I thought I only wanted one thing besides victory – a woman untouched by another man. 

She would belong to me and me alone.

Though bought with my own coin, she owned me from the moment we first lay together.

The Gladiator’s Slave
By Shay Savage

There will definitely be more information about this coming up.  By the way - this is NOT a Fanfic.  It should be out in ebook when it's done.  Hang on to your questions for now - there will be more information to come soon!  I will be looking for some Gladiator/Ancient Rome related original art at some point though, if there are any volunteers!

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  1. Home with sick kid also. Not many updates so i think i will be rereading