POV! POV! I Want a Different POV!

All right, Ms. Savage - your readers ask you all the time - "Are you going to do chapter such-and-such from Bella/Charlie/Edward/NameAnotherCharacter's POV?" - so why don't you provide?

Two reasons:

1. As a writer, I like challenge.  I almost consider switching POV as cheating when it comes to a first person perspective story.  I do prefer writing first person because of the challenge of trying to convey the emotions and thoughts of others through a single character's eyes.  That's part of the fun.

2. Once I'm done with a story, I'm usually DONE.  I'm tired of the story line, tired of the characters, the story is complete, and I have nothing else to say about it.  I don't really care to go back and relive the same scenes with the same characters from a different POV.  If I needed multiple POV for a story, I'd use third person.  Obviously from UC and Transcendence, I will break my own rule, but only for specific purpose.

So, feel free to ask, but chances are slim that I will re-write a story from another character's POV.  I'm thrilled people like some of them so much that they would care to read it, though. 

Thanks for continuing to read my crazy stories!  I'm going to have a couple of fun new things coming up soon!

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