Teaser Tuesday! UC Chapter 23

It's that time again!  It's getting late, and I need my sleep, so here we go!  I think the chapter should be out by the end of the week.

Take note!  There's email subscription on the blog now!  Hopefully, it will work once I get everything set up. :)

I lost track of the number of days I simply lay in our bed trying to stop thoughts of Edward from plaguing my conscious mind, and occasionally sleeping when I could no longer keep my eyes open.  Alice had sat beside me a few times, and I tried to hold conversation with her, but her state was not much better than mine.  I feared we were worse for each other rather than better.

When a messenger finally came to my door, my body went cold as he began to speak.

“Your presence is demanded by Esme, Queen of Forks,” he said simply, and then left the room.

His words did nothing to ease my sense of dread as I pulled myself from my position on the bed and found Jane waiting to help me dress.  I wanted to fight her on the choice of attire, but we both knew if Queen Esme was calling for me, I needed to be properly dressed.

“You may go, Jane,” Esme said as we entered the grand hall and approached the throne.  Carlisle was not present, nor were there any other members of the court – only Esme, with Alice standing beside her.  

“Isabella, we need to speak.”

I felt my hands begin to tremble, and I found myself unable to look into the Queen’s face.

“I know what you are feeling,” she started, “for I have felt it many times before.  But you cannot continue as you have been.  If you do, I will be forced to send you to another part of the kingdom, so your influence does not compromise our people.”

Had I heard her right?  Was the Queen going to send me away?  If I were to be sent to another part of the kingdom, where would I sleep, and with whom would I stay?  I thought of the rooms I was in, and how many of the items there still carried Edward’s scent, or even his very presence.

The very idea of being away from the rooms I shared with my husband was absolutely unendurable. 

Offside - REALFootballward!

If you haven't noticed, I started a new fic.  Yes, I'm not right in the head, I know it.  I can't explain it, but the only thing I can figure out is I'm addicted to writing male POV.  When I'm not writing it, I get stuck.  Honestly, UC may be my last BPOV story. 

That said, just writing the first couple of chapters of Offside has gotten me past a bit of UC that I was literally writing and re-writing four times over the weekend.  So those that get frightened that I won't keep up with UC - fear not!  I bring you good tiding of great updates!  LOL

There will be a Tuesday Teaser out later this evening!


Happy Memorial Day!

For those in the USA, Happy Memorial Day!  Hope everyone has a lovely holiday, and does not have to go into work today.  If you work in retail - watch out for all the shoppers looking for sales!  Is it only the US that turns every holiday into an opportunity to drop prices 10% and call it the "sale of the century" or is that everywhere?  Regardless, I'll be hitting up Old Navy later on. :)

Aside from a little shopping, grilling must be done on summer holidays.  *Checks out whats in the Vegetarian Grilling Cookbook*  I'm going to have to hit the grocery store, too.  I hope to get a little more UC written (next chapter is about 1/2 done, which is pretty good since I pitched a lot of it for being crap), a bit of housework done and might even get those last 15-20 bags of mulch spread.

Wait a minute!  Isn't this a holiday? :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tuesday Teaser shall return tomorrow!


Happy Birthday Blog!

I saw something on Twitter about a blog being one year old, and it prompted me to go check on when I started mine.  Low and behold!  Today is my blog's birthday!  I wish a had a cake or something for it, but I have no graphical skills or anything.  I don't recall exactly why I decided to create a blog, but it seems to have become a nice centralized point to get links to stories and recs and interviews and such, especially when my stories get pulled. Ha!

Anything you would like to see on here in the next year?  More of the same?  Less of some things?  Something different?  Let me know!

I hope the last year has been worth it!  Thanks for hanging out with me here, yakking on twitter and reading my stuff.  It's been a fun year - here's to the next one! 


Unexpected Circumstances

Has the shock worn off yet?  Umm...sort of.  Maybe.  Not really. :)

Here's the YouTube Link to Michael Sheen's reading of UC, for those outside the US.   You'll never hear the word "stallion" in quite the same way again.

New UC Banner by Ro!!  Thanks so much!  Definitely has a good 'Sir Edward' feel about it, especially if you have read the outtake.

Haven't read it?  Go donate!  The compilation is SOOO worth it.  Lots of wonderful stuff in there.

It's a weekend full of soccer fields, but I'll be taking my netbook along so I can work on UC chapter 23 between games.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Somebody Pinch Me! Did Michael Sheen Just Read UC?

So I get this tweet last night from VH1, and (obviously!) assumed someone got the wrong twitter account.  Just for fun, and because I wanted to know for whom I had been mistaken, I asked Mr. Savage to watch VH1 Morning Buzz today.  Imagine my surprise when it WASN'T a mistake, and hubby calls me at work screeching OMG into the phone.

So, if you haven't seen it, Michael Sheen (Aro) read a little excerpt from the first chapter of Unexpected Circumstances this morning.  It was absolutely awesome!  At this point, it's been all over the place - VH1, IMDB, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood News, etc.  I'm still a little bit in shock, but also thrilled to death!

I received an email today from the VH1 Sr. Editor, who came across my story while looking for a fic with Aro in it, for obvious reasons, for Mr. Sheen to read.  He's done a few audio books in the past (which I just may have to investigate), and with talk of Breaking Dawn coming up it all kind of fell together.

Thanks to all who tweeted, PMed, emailed, posted on threads, etc!  I may never manage to answer them all, but they are much appreciated!


Must be Spring!

I am wiped out after two full days of yard work.  I'm obviously about as out of shape as I can be, considering how sore my legs are tonight!  I think I need to start hitting the gym on a regular basis again.  *sigh*  I did get about 2/3rds of the mulch around the house, so hopefully I'll finish all that tomorrow!

Could be Worse, Right? Epilogue posted this morning!  It's always a little weird when I finish a fic.  I feel kind of lost, thinking there is something I ought to be doing, but I'm not doing it. Lots of people are asking "what's next?" and I really don't know just yet.  For a while, I will just focus on Unexpected Circumstances.

Speaking of UC, I have been working on it today - I literally had NOTHING for Chapter 23 this morning, but now I have a bit of a start, at least.  Chapter 22 is with the beta, and will post as soon as I get it back.  Patience!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Yay for the weekend!

So glad it is Saturday, despite the HUGE pile of mulch awaiting me outside.  Hoping to get a bunch of that done this morning.

I got my Fandoms for Tsunami compilation last night!  Did you?  Lots of wonderful stuff in there!  I've got several I plan to dig into as soon as my chores are done - LOL!  Make sure you donated to get your copy of EPOV Outtake from Unexpected Circumstances!

Speaking of UC, Chapter 22 is with the beta and should be up sometime this weekend.  

CBWR? Looks like it will have over 100 chapters, since I still have one more to do, plus the epilogue.  Not sure when they will post up exactly, but I expect it to all be wrapped up by the end of the weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


Teaser Tuesday! UC Chapter 22

A Tuesday Teaser!  And on a Tuesday and everything!

A quick little snippit of what's to come in Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 22:

Sam seemed pretty intent on making the other pack members keep their distance from Emily, their new member.  He only positioned himself between her and the other dogs at first, but then became more aggressive.  He growled a little as the others came closer, and even snapped at one of the younger dogs, which made me jump. 

“He just wants to make sure the others know she belongs to him,” Edward informed me.

 “Does he have to be so…so…mean about it?”

“Mean?” Edward chuckled.  I felt him move closer behind me, his hands brushing lightly over my arms.

“He snaps at the others before they even get close,” I said.

“Does he?”


“He will likely do it again,” Edward surmised.  “He can be quite jealous.”

I felt Edward’s hands on my shoulders as he leaned close and whispered in my ear.  I was instantly reminded of the first time he took me to meet Volvo, and our conversation in the stables.   There he had also pulled me back against his chest and spoke low into my ear – like he was now.

“Sometimes he is afraid he may lose her,” he said, his voice so soft I could only barely hear him.  His arm came around and circled my waist.  “When he thinks of what his life would be without her now, he can be irrational.”

“She…she would never look to another,” I replied as I turned my cheek to touch his.  “This is her home now, and she only wants him.”

“She hardly knows him.”

“She has learned much in a short time,” I told him.  I turned my head further so I could see his eyes, his heavy brows pulled down over them.  My hand reached up to touch his smooth cheek.  “She knows him quite well.”

“Do I still frighten you?” he asked, dropping the charade.

“No,” I answered him.  “I know you would not hurt me.”

“Isabella,” he murmured as he pulled me closer to his body.  “You have been…truly…I cannot…”

He sighed and took a slight step back, separating us enough for him to turn me to face him.  His hand came up to cup the side of my face as he started into my eyes.

“Isabella, I-”

Oooooo - what a cliffie bitch!  :)  Hang in there.  It should be out this weekend, so not too much longer now (cross fingers).


Are you still having Blogger problems?

I'm getting a few comments/PMs/Emails about people still having trouble getting to the CBWR blog to read.  Blogger's issues have been fixed, I can post and most people can view.  If you can't, it's probably because you have the erred out page cached on your computer.   I can offer a few suggestions, but if it still doesn't work, you may want to post your issue on the blogger help forums

The direct links usually work, so try those first (below).  Or go to a chapter you can view, and click the "newer post" button at the bottom of the page.

CBWR? chapter 79
CBWR? chapter 80
CBWR? chapter 81

Make sure "work offline" is not checked.  Try deleting your temporary internet files, cache and cookies, then close your browser (maybe even reboot) and try again.  (If you don't know how to do these things, look in the help section of your browser.) If that still doesn't work, switch to another browser.  If none of that works out for you, contact the blogger help forums.  There really isn't anything else I can do!  Good luck!

Weekend Update and Fic Rec - What If

Another busy weekend!  Soccer, soccer, soccer, and then more soccer.  If they win today, there's more soccer tomorrow. 

I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy the last chaplet of CBWR?  Always remember - Edward was here.  lol  I should have another chapter or two out later today/tonight.  Also working on UC chapter 22, which is coming along...slowly, but coming along.  If I can get myself together, there should be a Tuesday teaser and a new chapter by the end of the week. 

In the meantime, here's a rec for you.

What If by Twihart21.  I started reading this a couple of days ago - I can't remember where I saw it first - maybe the blinkie in someone's signature?  Maybe Rose tweeted it.  Anyway, here is the summary:

Blinkie by RoseArcadia
Edward is a successful defense attorney living in LA. He lives a lonely, predictable life. But one day, he wakes up in an unfamiliar house, in an unfamiliar room with Bella laying next to him. Will he ever want to wake up from this dream? AH EPOV

So we got a little Freaky Friday kind of thing going on, except Edward doesn't switch places with a different person, he switches places with another version of himself.  He's confused as hell, and doesn't want any of the people around him to pick up on the fact that inside, he's not the person they think he is.  He wants to be that person, but he has no idea when this "dream" may end, and doesn't want to hurt Bella in the process.

I'm only on chapter 15 out of 29, and have really liked it so far.  Lots of originality, well written, consistent and all EPOV.  Go check it out while you wait for the next installment of whatever else you are reading. :)


Blogger issues

Hey there!  It looks like the blogger issues have all been fixed.  All the posts everyone everywhere managed to make during the ups and downs yesterday were wiped out, which is why you don't see my message from yesterday.  I think there.s something not working quite right with anonymous posts on the CBWR? blog as well - they end up in the list, but they aren't displaying.  If you do leave comments anonymously on CBWR? chapters, don't worry - I still get them and read them, they just don't seem to show up in the list at the bottom.  I'm sure it will work itself out soon.

Thanks for your patience!


Blogger issues - CBWR?

It's not me, it's just Google Blogger doing some maintenance - see their post in their help section - We're sorting our a few issues related to a scheduled maintenance, and everything should be back to normal soon.  This blog was down for a while too, and seems fine now.

This one is back up, but CBWR? isn't yet.  Give it an hour or two, I'm sure it will be.  When I look at my account, all the posts are there - they just aren't visible right now.  Don't panic! :)


I have no clever title for this post

FFN and the inability to respond to reviews is annoying.  I am reading them all, I swear.  I just can't respond!!

Anyway, UC updated today, and CBWR will likely update after I get back from my kid's soccer game, as long as work doesn't call.  *sigh*

Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan won the best o/s from the Faithful Shipper Awards.  I didn't even know it was entered, so thank you to all who nominated and voted for it!

Lolypop82 made some fabulous CBWR manips - I'll just have to find some way to work them in... ;)  Here's one to tease you.


Teaser...Sunday? UC Chapter 21

It's not quite ready for beta, but it's getting close! In the meantime, enjoy a little teaser from the next chapter.

Edward was obviously distressed and even angry as I pulled together some of my clothing with Jane’s assistance, and moved myself into the Women’s Room for the duration of my monthly time. He took it out on everyone who came near him, but especially Jane, snapping at her at every turn until she was practically cowering behind me every time he moved.

“Edward,” I said softly, trying to convince him with just a look to be calm, since we really should not have been touching each other. It did not appear to work well.

“Can I not have even a moment with you?” Edward moved closer and looked down on me, his eyes desperate and pleading.

“It is…not proper, Edward,” I whispered back. “You know this…”

He growled a curse under his breath and ran his hand through his hair as he stared at the ceiling. He looked back to me for a moment with his brow furrowed and his lips pressed tightly together. His eyes flashed to Jane, who still stood in the doorway, and they glared with hatred for her very presence – as if my cycles were somehow her doing. Finally he took an extraordinarily deep breath, blew it out forcefully, and stomped out of our rooms.

Jane seemed visibly relieved at his departure. I tried to smile and reassure her.

“It can take some time to get used to him,” I said. She nodded silently with her eyes cast to the ground. What had begun as adoration for her savior had quickly turned to fear. I wished I could tell her he was like a toothless dog, but I could not. I knew my Edward’s teeth were quite sharp.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the moms out there!

I got waffles in bed, a card from the dog and a son who plans to clean out my car today.  What else could I ask for?   Oh!!  I know!  I want Manchester United to whomp Chelsea today...that would be a good bonus.   LOL

Working on UC Chapter 21 - it's getting close to completion.  I hope to both get it off to beta today as well as post a teaser...unless you all want me to wait until Tuesday to post the teaser!  I could do that, too...tradition and all...

I should have a quick update or two for CBWR? as well.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Fearfully Rage off to Fandom Fight Tsunami!

The Unexpected Cicumstances outtake from Edward POV - Fearfully Rage - is complete and has been sent off the Fandom Fights Tsunami!  Here's the summary, and there's a tease a couple of posts below.  You know you want this.  You do.  Admit it.  Then go donate. :)

Summary: Sir Edward has just lost a jousting match, humiliating himself in front of his new wife, Isabella.  As his childhood demons overtake him, he finds the comfort he needs in his wife’s touch, and makes a revelation he does not expect, and for which he had only dared to hope.

Original banner done by Indiarose, but Chonga did the copy on it to add the outtake title, becasue I'm a complete idiot with photoshop. Thank you both!


Darn Three Hour Banquets...

Sorry, but there isn't a teaser for today.  There might have been, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Savage tricked me into going to the high school band awards night for THREE FREAKING HOURS.  My whole evening was shot.  My son did get an award for Jazz Band, though.

I did get a bit done on chapter 21, but it is slow going.  I do think it will be ready for the weekend, but it's not going to be a particularly long chapter.  Fearfully Rage - the EPOV outtake for Unexpected Circumstances is done and in the beta's hands, so I should be sending that off to Fandoms Fight Tsunami soon.

I was trying to write the next CBWR? chapter while at the awards thing, but people started giving me funny looks...it will probably not update tonight.

Thanks for your patience!  You know it will all be out there eventually.