Teaser Tuesday! UC Chapter 22

A Tuesday Teaser!  And on a Tuesday and everything!

A quick little snippit of what's to come in Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 22:

Sam seemed pretty intent on making the other pack members keep their distance from Emily, their new member.  He only positioned himself between her and the other dogs at first, but then became more aggressive.  He growled a little as the others came closer, and even snapped at one of the younger dogs, which made me jump. 

“He just wants to make sure the others know she belongs to him,” Edward informed me.

 “Does he have to be so…so…mean about it?”

“Mean?” Edward chuckled.  I felt him move closer behind me, his hands brushing lightly over my arms.

“He snaps at the others before they even get close,” I said.

“Does he?”


“He will likely do it again,” Edward surmised.  “He can be quite jealous.”

I felt Edward’s hands on my shoulders as he leaned close and whispered in my ear.  I was instantly reminded of the first time he took me to meet Volvo, and our conversation in the stables.   There he had also pulled me back against his chest and spoke low into my ear – like he was now.

“Sometimes he is afraid he may lose her,” he said, his voice so soft I could only barely hear him.  His arm came around and circled my waist.  “When he thinks of what his life would be without her now, he can be irrational.”

“She…she would never look to another,” I replied as I turned my cheek to touch his.  “This is her home now, and she only wants him.”

“She hardly knows him.”

“She has learned much in a short time,” I told him.  I turned my head further so I could see his eyes, his heavy brows pulled down over them.  My hand reached up to touch his smooth cheek.  “She knows him quite well.”

“Do I still frighten you?” he asked, dropping the charade.

“No,” I answered him.  “I know you would not hurt me.”

“Isabella,” he murmured as he pulled me closer to his body.  “You have been…truly…I cannot…”

He sighed and took a slight step back, separating us enough for him to turn me to face him.  His hand came up to cup the side of my face as he started into my eyes.

“Isabella, I-”

Oooooo - what a cliffie bitch!  :)  Hang in there.  It should be out this weekend, so not too much longer now (cross fingers).


  1. that's what She said : *crosses fingers*

  2. if it turns out that someone interrupts them i will be a very sad camper.
    "I l-"
    *enter something drastic*
    haha regardless i can't wait!

  3. Oh this sounds like it is going to be one very romantic chapter. I can't wait!

  4. I love it when you do that - the conversation about something else that is actually about them...
    But I do NOT love the cliffie! lol
    Im so excited for it, I miss the story! :)

  5. I guess it's interrupted " I love you"

  6. He's going to tell her he loves her, isn't he? Please please don't make anyone interupt them. I wouldn't forgive you!

  7. Evil Savage. Very evil...
    Oh how we love you anyway!!! :)

  8. Thank God!

    With all the angst going on in It Could be Worse, we need some love! Fluff style!

  9. Aww... When is the next update? Love it!

  10. no it wont be 'I love you' I just got that feeling either they will be interrupted or something else :P

  11. Is it horrible that I've been seriously neglecting my fiance in favor of reading your stories? Maybe I should just chalk it up as payback for his video-game playing.. yes. sounds good. :) Can't wait for the next chapter :)

  12. Aww I dont know why but I want Bella to tell him "I love you" first

  13. OMG...your UC "Fandom4Tsunami" outtake was incredible (and nicely, very long)!!! I love EPOV, and the fact that Edward is in love is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing that with the Fandom! Looking forward to the next regular UC chapter, and sadly, at the ending of CBWR?.....

  14. no it wont be 'I love you' I just got that feeling either they will be interrupted or something else :P