Darn Three Hour Banquets...

Sorry, but there isn't a teaser for today.  There might have been, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Savage tricked me into going to the high school band awards night for THREE FREAKING HOURS.  My whole evening was shot.  My son did get an award for Jazz Band, though.

I did get a bit done on chapter 21, but it is slow going.  I do think it will be ready for the weekend, but it's not going to be a particularly long chapter.  Fearfully Rage - the EPOV outtake for Unexpected Circumstances is done and in the beta's hands, so I should be sending that off to Fandoms Fight Tsunami soon.

I was trying to write the next CBWR? chapter while at the awards thing, but people started giving me funny looks...it will probably not update tonight.

Thanks for your patience!  You know it will all be out there eventually. 


  1. say well done to your son. no up date for CBWR,biting my nails rocken back and fourth. crying

    its ok i can waite till tomorrow i think. ;)

  2. I can"t wait for a new chapter for U.C.! It is my favor story.