I have no clever title for this post

FFN and the inability to respond to reviews is annoying.  I am reading them all, I swear.  I just can't respond!!

Anyway, UC updated today, and CBWR will likely update after I get back from my kid's soccer game, as long as work doesn't call.  *sigh*

Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan won the best o/s from the Faithful Shipper Awards.  I didn't even know it was entered, so thank you to all who nominated and voted for it!

Lolypop82 made some fabulous CBWR manips - I'll just have to find some way to work them in... ;)  Here's one to tease you.

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  1. Hey, I also just found that a couple of your stories were nominated for Sunflower Awards too! Five total noms! CONGRATS!

    "Judging Books":
    The Sunflower Award
    Best Romance Story
    Best All Human Story
    Best Drama Story

    "Same Time Tomorrow, Ms Swan":
    Best One Shot

    Voting is until June 4th, here: