Vacation Week! Hoh!

I am taking the week off from work!  Woot!  We have no real set plans, though I think we'll hit the go-kart track at some point this week or maybe head over to Great Wolf lodge and play Magi Quest - who knows?  I will definitely be doing some writing, that is for sure.

More Transcendence - most certainly.  I plan on continuing with a chapter or so a day, depending on what else I have to get done.

TMT - I am horribly behind on this one, but hoping to get the next chapter out this week, too.

Also might start working on a little but of a new o/s for the Age of Edward contest - not 100% sure yet, but I have been seriously tempted when people keep throwing pictures like the one below at me on Facebook... I have threatened to do Gladiatorward before, and now I just might have to do it!

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  1. Watch just one epi of Sparticus: Blood and Sand and you will OME Savy

    lucky you vacationing or lucky us...