Age Of Edward 2012 - It's Contest Time!

The Age of Edward 2012

Chances are you remember this contest from the past two years. It has been a great success, giving authors old and new a chance to participate in a wholly unique sort of one/shot contest: writing an Edward from a particular historical era.

This year the contest will commence on January 2, 2012 and will run until February 5, 2012, at which point all entries must be submitted.

Winners will be announced March 1, 2012.

There are two categories: literotica and young adult (for those who don’t write smut and for those who do).
More info, visit

www.ageofedward.com and check out the 2012 Criteria page.

Meet the judges at:

Email us at

Follow Edward on Twitter – he’s always tweeting the latest concerning the contest:

Good luck! 

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