Here's to 2011! Bring on 2012!

You know all that stuff I was going to get done this week?  Yeah, not much of it happened.  I have been relaxing and taking it easy though, but I can't believe how quickly the week has flown by.  Kind of like the whole year.

So, what all happened in 2011?

  • Could Be Worse, Right? and Offside both started and completed.
  • Unexpected Circumstances (started in November 2010) completed
  • Same Time Tomorrow, Ms Swan - winner of the Twificpics Pick a Pic Challenge
  • What I Want - written for the Fandom Fights the Flood Appeal
  • Fearfully Rage - written for the Fandom Fights Tsunami Appeal
  • Play By Play - written to help Mal and Leo get their HEA Appeal
  • Otherwise Alone - written for the Texas Wildfire Relief Appeal, and currently being rewritten as original fiction
  • Tempt My Tongue and Transcendence started and still in progress
Other "Stuff"
  • Could Be Worse Right banned from FFN for content violation.  This was likely the second best publicity I ever received.  This also brought me Robin, my fabulous blogger and organizer, without whom this blog would still look like second rate crap. :)  She got the blog set up for CBWR? so the story could continue.
  • Michael Sheen on VH1 Morning Buzz reading from the first chapter of Unexpected Circumstances.  This still floors me whenever I think about it.  It also brought fanfiction as a whole a LOT of positive attention.  Hands down, the best publicity I ever received!
  • Concubine Gate.  Though at times painful, much like those chapters themselves, I learned and grew from this.  If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing about the story.  There are times I might have kept my mouth shut, though. :)
  • I have put to page over 675,000 words.  DK has beta'd most of that.
  • I finally got on Facebook!

Just looking at that list kind of makes my eyes pop out.

Ro put this together on facebook, and I love it!
Gigantic thank yous to DK, my ever-enduring beta, who has had to read through the crap (did you see that number of words up there??) to help me find the gems, and to Robin, for all the blog stuff.  Between the two of you, your tireless work makes me look damn good!  

I also want to wish a happy new year to all the other twific writers who have entertained me this year, and of course to everyone who reads, reviews, recommends, and rewards my work with your presence.


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