Why do I do this to Myself?

Trying to write 3 different stories all at once again.  Why why why do I do this to myself?  Especially with one written from BPOV in past tense, and the other two from EPOV in present.  My poor, poor beta...

UC Chapter 34 is still at the top of the priority list, of course, and it is coming along swimmingly.  Shouldn't have any trouble getting it out for the weekend.

Next are the two stories I'm writing for charity:
Texas Wildfire Relief will be an o/s based on FicFlover's plot bunny for winning the Die, Daddy C, Die contest.  I quite like it so far, though it has a ways to go. 

Otherwise Alone
Summary - Life can become seriously boring when you're a hit-man hiding out in the middle of the Arizona desert with no one for company but your dog.  That is, until a young woman suddenly appears on your doorstep with a story of her own.

For Mal and Leo, there will be an Outtake based on Offside and how Esme Platt and Edward Masen managed to hook up and create our little broken Soccerward.  

Play By Play
Summary: Esme Platt spends her Fridays mooning over a local band's guitar player.  One night at the end of her freshman year at UW, she finds herself alone with a drunk and horny Edward Masen.  She takes advantage of the situation, but things don't turn out as she had hoped.

I hope to have both teasers and maybe even a banner or two out for both of these by the end of next week.
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Not to add more to your plate but is there anyway we could get an EPOV outake from chapter 33 of UC?  I've been obsessed with wondering what his thoughts were when the mercenaries attacked.  And I so enjoy reading how much Edward loves Isabella - in the past his actions have contradicted his words - but getting a peek into his mind really reinforces his feelings for me, as a reader.

  2. And any chance of a Surviving Bella sequel??? I made the mistake of reading it alll last night, thinking it was complete...and then the cliffie. You really are an evil genius.

  3. I won't be doing any UC outtakes until UC is done, if then.  If you read fearfully rage, you can probably assess how he would be reacting inside, though. :)

  4. totally agree with the poster above....i always wondered what if this story was written from Edward's POV. My opinion is it would have been more emotional and powerful. This is not Isabella’s story. This is how the spoiled, airhead, reckless Edward became the King of Forks. Isabell is one of the many casualties who became important in his life along the way. Even Isabella is telling the story she is not the main active character of the story. Basically she sits there and does almost nothing, just passively gets by. Edward on the other hand is full of conflicted emotions and actions. Would have been much more interesting and powerful storytelling from his POV. Readers would have a clearer view of his thoughts, emotions and character which are confusing at times because Isabella does not have the capacity and ability to convey them, he herself doesn’t understand and explain them at times. Edward is a very complicated character, unless he tells his story and emotions, no one else can fully do it for him.

  5. I actually reread fearfully rage before posting my comment.  I loved it of course...but I want more!  Edward POV are like potatoe chips - i can't just have one!