Sunday Plans

Way too much to do today, so I'm not even sure where to start.  The boys did a lovely job cleaning up the drive, but Mr. Savage left a HUGE mess in the family room setting up the new entertainment center/TV.  I'm inclined to go wake his ass up to clean.

So, now that most of the furniture (anyone need a ratty old desk??) is out of that room, I need to get to Lowes and buy a few rolls of blue tape, some spackle, and paint.  That should do it for that room (for now anyway).  I need to drop some more stuff off at Goodwill, file a bunch of papers and do some of the never ending laundry before the Crew game this afternoon.

Oh, and maybe do some writing. :)

Actually, the next UC chapter is coming along pretty well already.  Also working quite a bit on the o/s for Texas Wildfire relief and the Offside Outtake for Mal & Leo.  I'll try to answer a few reviews today as well.  

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


  1. im really, really, addicted to UC....you have no idea...;) thank you for write this beautiful story!

  2. Same his ass up to help! Or at least to do the taping. Hate that job.

    Love watching sports on our flat screen. Channeling my inner Charlie.