It's a Beautiful Thing

You know what is awesome about having a teenage son?  The pure destructive power of him and his friends.  Now normally this might not be something of which a mother may be in favor, however today it is working to my benefit.

I have a large, nasty, ugly entertainment center.  No one wants it.  I can't give it away.  Salvation Army won't even take it.  It's way too big for the trash to pick up withut charging me extra.  So it needs to be destroyed to the point where it fits in a trashcan.

Enter 16 year old son + a couple of friends.

And some sledge hammers.

No more problem.

It's a beautiful thing.  :)


  1. i would of love to do that, its good way to get rid of angry, i bet they had fun, but would off ran when came to picking all up ow splenters

  2. It reminds me of when my family had to chop up our ancient coach that was seriously sunk in and put it in the fire.

  3. I swear its for things like this that we have the kids in the first place...... or is it the reason they choose us as their parents ?? : p

  4. You shouldn't chop up your coach.  They get fussy about it. ;)

  5. Where the hell do you live that you can wear sweaters and jackets already??? We're still in freakin' shorts!

  6. there are an use for them after all!
    actually my 5 year old daughter believes she "helps" me when I wash my car, but the cruel truth is she doesn't...