Tempt My Tongue...Coming Tomorrow!

One Day and Counting...
The slim grip I have maintained on my lust gives way.

Again, it is bloodlust that wins over the lust of flesh.

I will say one thing…

This Edward is just a little bit of a maniac. 
That’s coming from me. 
Keep that in mind.

Tempt My Tongue
by Savage
Arrives October 1, 2011
Blinkie by Sabrina

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  1. Honestly....you are scaring the crap out of me. Can someone hold my hand? I have survived them all so far.....but this one....... *shakes in fear* 
    (by design I'm sure)    :-)Me and my trembling knees are with you. 

  2. At this point, I'm more afraid I'm going to disappoint everyone because I hyped it up too much.  LOL 

  3. You may have upset plenty of people...lost a few new readers that are not aware of your style, had a disappointing chp or two (at the time). Yet in the end it is the whirlwind of every damn emotion that you usually are very good at finding and pulling to the surface. That takes talent and you have plenty. 

    Angsty WIPs are not for everyone and I agree. It is much less torture to be able to push through it. Sometimes, it may take me a day or two during the heavy angst to read the next chp. I try to decide if I wait to have a couple of chp so I can push through. But *sigh* it never fails. After a day or two, I cave and read it anyway and just beat my head against the wall.  LOL

    You keep saying this is our only warning (I think 7 days in a row now *snort*). Yet in the end...you wind up warning us many many times in your stories in the A/N. I still like those warnings. 

    Headed over to TmT website to add to my rss feeds as well.

  4. LOL!  You are right about the number of warnings... It's actually bits and pieces from the opening chapter author's notes, which is one big warning.

  5. So excited so excited!!! And I am scared along with rdmickey1989......but it's so so good!  I don't think you're giving us too much hype..I know you will deliver Savage...I just might pee my pants though! haha!

  6. I'd take a maniac, blood lust, animalistic Edward over an idiot Edward, all the time ( I cant cope well with long term stupidity...sorry). You keep warning about this, Im not shking in my boots by the way. Bring it on!

  7. WOOHOO Cannot wait for tomorrow!  And we get UC tonite too :)  So much Savage-goodness on the way.  Don't worry, I don't think you've over-hyped it, I think that you are doing the important thing of warning people beforehand so they don't start whining later.  We all want to avoid the whining.  So excited!!!

  8. how many chapters Tempt My Tongue is going to be? 

  9. its oct 1 already here where I am from :(

  10. uummm, i'm not sure if  i'll be able to read this story if edward has a small dick...LOL!

  11. See what happens when you get all fancy pants? lol