Tuesday Teaser! Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 34

Usually I pick a teaser from the middle of the chapter, but this week is a little different for a couple of reasons.  I know I left you at a nasty, nasty spot there with the last chapter, so I'm going to give you the very first part of the next chapter.  Also, I've been eluding to the change of tone in the story, and figured this would make what I meant pretty obvious. :)


I thought I knew pain.

With my throat full of choking dust I pushed myself from the ground.  The throbbing in the back of my head seemed to overshadow any real thought for several minutes while I tried to collect my wits about me.  Every muscle was tensed for the fight, and I was not entirely sure if I was still under attack or not.  I flailed at nonexistent hands surrounding me, shaking my head and taking a step away from the bodies that were far too close for my liking.  They lay all over the ground, and I felt as though they were boxing me in and making it difficult to focus.  

My head spun and I stumbled.  When I reached to the back of my head I winced, and my fingers became sticky from the blood caked in my hair as my mind flashed with recent memories.

My sword impaled the large man with the dented breastplate up underneath his armor, and then I was hit from behind…

I stumbled again as dizziness and nausea swept over me, dropped to my knees, and was sick.  I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, finding blood there to go with the sting of pain in my lips.  Once my stomach had purged itself I could focus better.  My fingers reached out to get the leverage to rise again, but they hit something, and I forced myself to see the face of the body beside me.

My page lay on his side with his short sword only a few feet from his stiff, cold hand.  I swallowed past the lump in my throat and used both hands to bring myself back to my knees.  I lifted my head to see the carriage standing horseless in the middle of the road.

In a rush it all came back to me, and I screamed.


Yep.  THAT kind of tone change. 

See why I was all vague about an EPOV outtake? :)

Chapter is coming along well, so I should be able to update on time!


  1. So from now on UC is from edward perpective?
    Is gonna be a really big change!

  2. Love love love looooove!!!!!!

  3. Have I mentioned how psyched I am to read the next chapter?  I know I have - and I know it's not coming until Fri - but I'm still checking a few times a day to see if it's come early.
     I've really enjoyed Bella's POV - no doubt.  But the prospect of getting inside Edward's head for not just one, but several chapters is astounding.  He's such a conflicted character, and I've not always understood why he has done the things he has (keeping things from Bella, shutting her out, etc.).
    And I just love to read about his affection for his wife - it warms my heart like nothing else.  I think his POV will help your readers understand him more, as well as heal some of the dumb-ass moves he's committed in the past.
    Anyway - just rambling.
    Can't wait!! 

  4. i totally agree with tawmc! :))

  5. EPOV should have started 6-7 chapters eariler. It would have helped with better understanding and REALLY dealing with the situation HE created. As much as Isabella has told HIS story (yes his, not hers), she comes across as very naive and humble. She doesnt have the ability to properly convey his emotions. All she has done is "understanding" and ”justifying” him. He has come to love him, of course, she never even dreamt of being loved, let alone by a prince/king. All Im saying is that us, readers don’t want to see Edward through Isabella’s eyes. We get it, she is a commoner who has little say in her own life, let alone more. We want to understand Edward, a lot of actions and stupid moves he had done and dealing with the consequences of his own actions. Thanks for writing the rest of the story in EPOV. I was actually thinking how would Isabella tell the rest while being locked up?

  6. saw where you said the rest of the story will be in EPOV.. I am looking forward to it muchly, while at the same time will be missing what is going on in Bella's mind during her captive process. It will be nice to have Edward's prospective for a while but I imagine he is going to be pretty tormented with the loss of Isabella to enemies hands... thanks bunches..