Um...is it Thursday?

If you have been paying attention to my twitter, you probably noticed I've been at work just about constantly this week.  I'm actually home just to gt some sleep this afternoon before I go back into work at midnight.  Such is the life of IT support. :)  
So, the bad news - I just don't see any way of getting the UC chapter out tomorrow.  Depending on work, I hope to still get it out this weekend, but I just can't guarantee it when I'm going to be working in 12 hours shifts indefinitely.  I'll try to keep you updated - I know everyone's waiting on it.



  1. Don't push yourself too hard darling. We need you healthy and happy. What shall we do with a tired and wrecked Savage? Just imagining that you get sick because of exhaustion is a nightmare. You just started a new story - which I liked already too much - and need more of it. A lot. But I - or shall I say 'we' - can be patient if it's about your wellbeing.
    Try to rest a little if you can.

  2. Thanks for letting us know.  RL is rough.  Get some rest - maybe even put your feet up. Get the chapter out when you have the time.  Trust me, none of us are going anywhere. ;)