Weekend Plans

After my little screw up with Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 31 yesterday (I finished it, but then forgot to save it and lost about a third of it), I managed to recover and get it finished again.  It is in my lovely beta's hands and shall post as soon as I get it back.  I believe I may have used up my yearly quota of F-bombs when I realize what I had done.

Another Soccer Saturday!  My daughter's team will be playing here in about an hour, so wish them luck!

Who is going to watch the Man United vs. Chelsea game tomorrow?  Man U all the way!  Why Man U?  Because I practice the ABC's of Premier league - Anyone But Chelsea.  hehe!  (Mr. Savage is a big Chelsea fan - it can get a little tense around here during some games...)

I plan to head out to the Ohio Renaissance Festival tomorrow up in Harveysburg.  I love that place, especially the jousting.  Maybe I'll get a bit more UC inspiration while I am there!

Anyone else have some good weekend plans?


  1. Good luck to your little soccor star!  Can't wait to read Chapter 31!!!!!

  2. I didn't know where to ask sorry but I was just wondering - at the end of 'Surviving Bella' you said there would be a sequel... Is that still true? Will there be a sequel?

    I'd love to think so.

  3. Someday. :)  I don't know when.

  4. Love love love this story. Chapter 31 was great and I'm already looking forward to chapter 32 and this one hasn't even been out for 3 hours yet lol. You're fantastic. I hope your daughter's team won!
    -Avital / beachblonde2244
    I have to post it 'Anonymous' because it won't accept any of the other profile types

  5. Just wanted to comment that I think it is wonderful you are participating in the give back for Mal. Many of us know her and have been helping getting the word out. It's to nice see your on board with the cause.

  6. well week end has quite gone here and weather was bad .....we just watched Lazio vs Genoa match and we're still celebrating..... my hubs is a huge Genoano and so is all our family .... but, as many genoani here, he's first of all against Sampdoria (he just walks if he's running out of fuel and should get a refill in Garrone's - Sampdoria's owner - gas station.....) ..... Sampdoria was downgraded to serie B last championship, so we dont have any derby this season, but you should have seen the funerals Genoani organized.....