Tuesday Teaser, Double Feature

I couldn't leave ya in a lurch, not after I've been all back on track lately!  :)

Unexpected Circumstances, Chapter 33:


“They have no markings,” one of the guards said. 

“Mercenaries,” replied another voice.

“Turn!” I heard Edward order. “We must head back!”

“It is too late, Sire!”

Within seconds, I heard the first clash of steel-on-steel.  My hands covered my mouth, though I was sure any scream I uttered would not have been heard over the noise from right outside the carriage door.  At first I moved to the far side of the carriage and away from the door, but then I moved closer as I tried to make sense out of the yelling and noise I could hear outside.  My teeth were practically puncturing my lip, and I did not know what I should do.

Unfortunately, my next steps were not of my own choosing.


Tempt My Tongue...
Four Days and Counting...

“Please what?” I snarled as I turned to face the man who made me this way. 

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“Please deny what you made me, in order to ease your conscience?  Is that what you want, Carlisle?  Is that what you need?  Because I am not interested.”

Carlisle’s only offspring is a complete failure…
There may be a touch of angst.

Tempt My Tongue
by Savage
Arrives October 1, 2011


  1. love the double treat.. thanks muchly....

  2. Eeeek so looking forward to UC!!!! OMG OMG!!

  3. There may be a touch of angst. *SNORT*
    Cannot wait for the UC update and I am sure as much as my heart tells me nononononono on TmT, my head will get the best of me. Why do I torture myself. Help me Shay...whats wrong with me. LMAO

  4. omg!!! i was really short but better than nothing... THANKS!!