Tempt My Tongue...3 days

Three Days and Counting...

Years ago, I only stalked those whose minds I deemed evil – those murderers and rapists who may not have faced any other kind of justice.

Not any longer.

No whining…

Anything and everything just might happen…

Tempt My Tongue
by Savage
Arrives October 1, 2011

Blinkie by Raum


  1. You are torturing me woman with these short little teasers...they're too tiny to even be called teasers!!! Bahhh as if the week wasn't long enough already!  *grumblinginanticipation/impatience*  Promise I will stop whining once we get to start reading the story...except for updates.  but no whining in regards to plotline!  I'm sure it will be brilliant :)

  2. Soooooo excited!!!!  I just read youre summary etc...on Tempt My Tongue and I am cool with everything you said but please please don't give Edward a small dick!  That would totally suck. Ha! Yes yes that is where my priorities are!  Maybe just a little perverted but you writers made me that way.  All the smut has corrupted me....I couldn;'t have been like this before!! haha