Tempt My Tongue...5 days

Five Days and Counting...
My tongue drags slowly over her lips, and her hand grips the back of my head as she tries to pull me closer to her mouth.

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She might as well just open a vein for me.

There is no telling what might happen...

I don’t promise everyone comes out alive in the end. 

Tempt My Tongue
by Savage
Arrives October 1, 2011


  1. Have you told you how excited am I for this?  Because I am.  Like, ridiculously excited.  I love the angst!  Bring it lady!!

  2. First time I've gone on your site to view new story. Wow! Graphics jump right off the screen. This is gonna be one exciting story!

  3. Oh boy I simple can't wait!

  4. Damn, Edward is cold, lol- I love it! Can't wait, and I love the teasers being posted each day leading up to it.

  5. Can't wait.....

  6. some hype you're creating ! well done, everybody's looking forward to reading this story !! (dont like the fact that you cannot promise certain things but, alas, you're the bus driver and we're simple passengers....and see, we dont even have to buy the ticket for the ride

  7. define "comes out alive" cos one of them is already dead... js js ;)))

  8. Can't wait! You never know what's going to come from your brain! LOL! Bring on the angst! The more the better!