Three Things you Should Never do on Twitter

I don't know why these came to me all of the sudden, but I think there is value.

Never do these three things:

1. Pay attention to who has stopped following you.

2. Evaluate a person based on which professional sports team they follow.  The sport, yes.  How they behave as a fan of the team, yes.  But not the team itself. 

3. Tweet while intoxicated.

This has been your Savage Public Service Announcement of the day.


  1. okay I am guilty of #3

  2. I'm guilty of 1 on FB and I'm going to cut it off. I had someone unfriend me the other day and it really hurt my feelings. Then I realized we're not friends, haven't seen each other in 5 years and we weren't really friends when they lived here. They're probably just "cleaning up" their contacts and minimizing to true friends and family so it shouldn't have hurt my feelings, but it did. Sometimes it's best not to know everything!