All I Want for Christmas...

After writing off and on for what feels like my entire adult life, but is actually only about 20 years (oh wait...what is pretty much my adult life), I told myself New Years of LAST year that I was going to get something actually published before the end of 2012.

It actually looks like I might make it.

It's been a very interesting journey emotionally for me.  I've had kind of a crazy year with job changes and various other "real life" situations, but ultimately I have learned a really valuable lesson about myself - this shit scares me.  I don't know if it's fear of putting something out there "for real" and having people hate it, or maybe the fear of having people love it.  Honestly, both thoughts kind of make me cringe. 

I also think there is a good chunk of it that was just kind of "Ahhhhh!!!!  I don't know how to do this!!!!"  I know how to tell a story - getting the words down on the paper isn't the issue.  I average about 10k per week writing, which isn't bad for someone who works full time and has a family.  I just didn't know how to get a written story all ready to publish as an eBook, and kept telling myself I had other things that took precedent.

Well, I finally made a little progress, and now I'm kinda going "Damn, that wasn't so bad!"

I have a short story just about ready to put out there. I might even get it done this weekend.  Some of you may have already read it - it was included in one of the Fandom charity benefits last year (I did a few - can't recall which one it was in.)  If you've already read it, don't feel like you need to buy just for the sake of doing so.  If you WANT to buy it, by all mean - do! :)

For those who didn't read it before, hopefully you will be interested enough to buy a cheap, short story to read over the holidays.  If you do, please review it, rate it, recommend it - anything.  If you don't feel like buying it, I just ask you to please help me pimp it out.  Tell your friends, tell your coworkers, post it on facebook, twitter, your own blogs - I will accept any kind of publicity I can get!  If you buy it and hate it, hell, blog about that, too!

Ultimately, the only reason I'm getting the cojones to do this is because of the encouragement of those who read my work for free.  Seriously - I couldn't have gotten this far without each and every one of you - the people who read, review, post here, post on the FB group, send me PMs, tweet to me, retweet for me, email me, beta for me, offer to beta for me, beg to translate my work (sorry - the answer is still no :) ), and tell your friends to check out my latest post.  This wouldn't be happening without you.

So start watching for the hype, because you know I love to do that.  It's fun and exciting, and keeps me (and hopefully you) entertained.  

Otherwise Alone is finally coming.

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  1. omFREAKINg!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Can't wait!!!! I'm so buying it!!!! Much love!!!