Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 16

I do believe it is that time again!  And since I have a teaser to post, I figured you just might want to read it.

What happens when you take Crazy Alice shopping?  Anything!

Check cashing wasn’t too big of a deal, but taking Crazy Alice through the grocery store was sort of like taking a bunch of those little gnat-bugs and trying to get them to organize a synchronized swimming team.  She was all over the fucking place, with no rhyme or reason to whatever direction she might head next.  I didn’t know what she really liked to eat, but we picked out a variety of stuff that fit within the amount I figured would be left over from the checks after rent and bills and shit was all covered.

It was a pretty decent stack of food – Bella was awesome at taking a small amount of money and ending up with a fucking banquet.

There were about five hundred and twenty seven people trying to check out through two available lanes.  There were also at least fifty seven workers on break and hanging outside.  Well, all right, there were nine people in line and two on break, but it still pissed me off.

I sighed dramatically and eyed the various gossip mags.  They all seemed pretty focused on some Hollywood couple and whether or not they were secretly banging each other.  The various flavors of gum right above the magazine racks were far more interesting.  After about forty days and nights, we were next in line.  That was when Crazy Alice stood up on her toes to look over the counter for a moment, and then took off running.

“What the fuck!” I growled. 

The woman in front of me turned around and glared.  I eyed her right back. 

“My dick’s a little lower if you want to check that out, too.”

“My word!” she exclaimed as she kept glaring.

“If your word includes let me drop on my knees and take your cock down my throat, then we might have something to discuss.  Otherwise, turn the fuck around and mind your own damn business!”

Bella smacked me on the back.

“What did I do?” I asked as I turned around.  “The bitch is being rude!”

“Go get Alice!” Bella said.  “She ran over by the fruit.”


Check out the Caged update Friday to find out just what Crazy Alice will do next!

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