Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 15!

You can thank @lolypop82 for the gorgeous manip!  I wrote this scene just to make the pic work for Caged, though staring at that picture long enough to come up with something to write was definitely worth the effort!  I've been up since about 4:00am working on this chapter, so I figured it was probably about time for a tease. 

“How long has this officially been a relationship?”

“Um…almost a week.”

Tanya laughed.

“Maybe you should give it a little more time,” she suggested.  “Had she even been kissed before?”

I didn’t really want to think about it.

“She’s got this asshole ex,” I told her.  “They did some stuff, but I don’t think she was into it.”

“Uh huh.”

“I think there’s shit about him she hasn’t told me,” I said.  “It pisses me off.”

Tanya glared at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Pot, meet kettle,” she said.  “Kettle – pot.”

“Nice.”  I tossed the cigarette butt off towards the parked cars and leaned up against the white stucco wall outside the gym.

“What, you expect her to open up when you don’t?”  Tanya shook her head at me.

“It’s not the same,” I said.

“How do you know?”

Well, that logic was a little hard to argue with, but I tried.

“She doesn’t want to know about that shit,” I said.  “Besides that, I don't want to go over it with her.  It doesn’t matter.”

“Maybe she feels the same way,” Tanya suggested.

“So what do I do?” I asked.  “I mean…sometimes it’s like I scare her away or something.”

“Are you being an ass at the time?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” I replied.  I thought about the other night in the hotel.  “Well…maybe.  But just…you know, teasing.”

“Seriously, Edward?” Tanya said with a half smile.  “I’ve seen you sweet talk college girls and MILFs into notches on your bedpost.  You really don’t know what to say?”

“That’s not the same,” I scoffed.

“Why not?”

“Because, that shit was just…you know…talk.  Just saying what they want to hear.”

“And why do you do that?”

“Chicks like it,” I shrugged.  “I said it because it would get me laid.”

“Well, Bella’s a chick, isn’t she?”

“Yeah.”  I rolled my eyes.

“So don’t you think she might like that kind of talk, too?”

I scowled at her.

“None of that was real,” I told her.

“So maybe with Bella it should be.”

In so, so many ways, Cageward is just a teenage boy.

Friday is just around the corner!

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