iM an Apple iTech iSupport iBeliever!

For those who were on twitter this morning, you know my day did not start off all that great.  The love of my life, my iPhone, was dropped onto some cement steps.  Thankfully, it looked just fine!  Until I lost my balance and stepped on it.  

The screen shattered, along with my entire day.

You people know how nutty I am about things being "just so." I love my iPhone.  I'm never without it.  Ever.  I sleep with it under my pillow.  Really.

So I went to *nameless cellphone provider*, who said it would be two weeks before they could replace it.  TWO WEEKS??  I'd get the bends!  I even tried to order on online at that point, but the same provider's !!$%#^ website said I had to transfer the whatsit before I could order a something, which I would need for this and that, and then cancelled the whole order and made me start over again.

Three times.

I talked to their "online chat support" which sucks ancient antelope balls.

I finally gave up, decided to brave the holiday traffic, and drive to the Apple Store at the mall.  In December.  

I hate the mall any time of the year.  December just puts the

When I arrived, I'd swear there are 200 people in the store.  I even saw a guy I used to work with hanging out with his wife and trying to con her into buying the "kids" an iPad. I figured I'm going to be there for the night, and would have blogged a "sorry no more updates on Transcendence today" post, but I couldn't type around the screen shatter pattern.

About three minutes after I walk in, a tech comes over.  His name is Casper.   He looks at the shattered phone and asks if I have a problem with the battery.

Ah - humor!  Arr!  Arr!!  (That was a Mork from Orc impersonation, FYI.)

I might use him in a future story.

Casper, not Mork.

To make this long story short, he replaced my phone INCLUDING putting on a new screen protector without a single bubble, in about six minutes.  Not two weeks.  I might have told him I love him.  I'm not sure - it's all kind of a blur now.  I know I was elated.

Mr. Savage has been whining for an iPad.  I told him to go get one.  Get two.  Six.  Whatever.

Casper at the Apple store in Kenwood Mall gets all the points I have to dole out today.  I am again, a happy Savage.

I'll go write some more now... 


  1. Apple employees are great. The guy that helped me with my laptop, accessories and iPhone stayed with me almost an hour after closing to make sure everything was set up. Glad you have your iPhone back! I'd go crazy without mine ~Avital

  2. My iPhone is my lifeline, especially after having a baby. There's no way I'd have gotten through dead-of-night nursing sessions without it.

    Apple employees are the best.