Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 3

You didn't think I would forget, did ya? :)

Here's a quick little teaser for TMT chapter 3.  Just because I seem unable to control myself when I get a ridiculous idea in my head (like why do people refer to possessive Edwards as Caveward and why isn't there a fic set in prehistoric times), doesn't mean I stop writing what I'm already doing.  Hopefully everyone realizes that by now.

If you missed it and you care - I have a new Dribble Fic - Transcendence.  Prehistoric Ehd.  I'm amusing myself.

In the meantime, here's the TMT teaser.  Holidays permitting, the next chapter will post this weekend.  You'll be able to read it while you much leftovers. :)

“I won’t hurt her,” I tell Carlisle.  “I swear I won’t.”

What of those around her?

“They mean nothing.  She is everything.”

His mind races.

I cannot do this.  Even if he intends her no harm… if she is his singer…there is no way he will be able to control himself.  Maybe if he had been living as I do for the last few decades he would have the control, but as he is…impossible.

A growl emanates from my chest.  He is talking himself out of it, and I cannot allow that to happen.  I cannot let this opportunity slide.

“You have to help me,” I say with menace.  My mind spins, and suddenly I know exactly how to convince him.

You cannot force me to assist you.  I will not.

“If you don’t, they’ll die.”


“All of those around her will die.  Her family, the children in the school she considers friends, every restaurant worker who has ever served her a meal – I will kill them one at a time until she is completely alone in the world, and will have no one but me.”
Did I mention he's a little maniacal?

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  1. Your a genius only you can write two stories at a time. Wish you all the Good luck in the world and a happy holidays! :-)