Friday Again!


Off work today because my 16 year old is getting his wisdom teeth out.  Fun day ahead of him (not so much).  I plan on spending my time looking up smoothie recipes (anyone have a recommendation?) and working on the one-shot for Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief. UC Chapter 35 is off to beta!

I'll tell ya right now, this little O/S may be my favorite ever, and it's not even done yet.  You should definitely consider donating, because it's probably not going to be posted on FFN.  This will be your only chance to get it.  I'm still debating the title (though I've narrowed it down to two, and I think I've settled on one, it just depends...), but once I decide for sure and it's a little closer to being done I shall post a banner and teaser for everyone.

You don't want to miss it.  Check out Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief for info on how to donate and receive this O/S along with a compilation from other fabulous writers!

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. There is no other way to get later this one shot???? I do not use a credit card so there is no way for me to donate.....

  2. I don't know for sure, but check with the Fandom for Texas site and see if there is an alternative.  This will be the only place to get this story.

  3. Smoothie Recipes!

    I just went through this for my mom, who was also a very unhappy camper with some dental surgery --

    By far, the BEST smoothie I put together was:

    Peace Juice (from a can of peaches - light syrup kind works)
    Soy milk
    Orange juice

    Cut and freeze all the fruit beforehand - it turned out REALLY tasty and not entirely horrible for you!

    The best thing is, with a mixture of orange and either peach or mango (some kinds are anti-mango - my mom is ;) ) you can easily get away with tossing a LITTLE BIT of spinach, carrot, etc. into the mix without ruining the taste. The orange overpowers it and the peach/mango sweetens perfectly. Adjust measurements as desired!

  4. ;-( i dont have the right card to donate tired before they take vasa and i dont have a vasa card.

    as for the banna, peanutt butter milk and honey if i remeber right is real good ;-) hope your son is ok good luck

  5. My most favorite by far with regards to smoothies is anything from Friendly's. Otherwise, BJ wholesalers has a great bag of mixed fruit from Dole in the frozen aisle. Fruit from this bag along with milk and some vanilla makes a great smoothie.

  6. ok thank you, I will see what I will do  :)

  7. I had my wisdom teeth removed last December. Ice-cream was my best friend. If you have a coldstones near you just buy a bunch a couple containers of his favorite base flavors. I ate only ice-cream, shakes and stars n cheese for 3 days.
    My favorite smoothie was peanut butter, banana, milk/vanilla almond milk (high in protein) and sometimes a little nutella with coldstones' cake batter ice-cream. I would avoid citrus because the acid will sting the open wounds.
    Good luck! -Avital

  8. Make sure he keeps the icepacks/peas on his face multiple times a day. It'll keep the swelling down and will help prevent him from looking like a chipmunk plus the cold is really soothing -Avital

  9. There is a company that makes bagged smoothie mixes that are sold in the freezer section of the grocery store...I *think* it may be yoplait...anyway, everything is already in the mix, all you add us a splash of juice; the fruit and yogurt pieces are there. I used white grape juice instead of the recommended OJ. Hope your son feels better! :) ~ Jamie

  10. was wondering how the stories were going to be posted for the wildfire relief?... i donated to the fandom fights the floods, and those were recieved in pdf files and were easy to access. .the one i donated to for the tsunami came first to dropbox and they had problems with that so they sent it to me via another site which i could get to easily. luckiy i saved the stories to another format cause later i coul could not access the second site for the stoires either.. 

  11.  I make this fruit smoothie for my kids all the time and they love it!!
    strawberries/raspberries (combo or either one)
    FROZEN wild blueberries
    Stonyfield vanilla yogurt
    I use frozen blueberries because then you don't need ice and its really cold and fruity!!
    I hope your son is feeling better!!
    Can't wait for your UC and TMT updates! Thanks for writing!!

  12. You will have to inquire with the site - I'm only a contributing writer and I don't have the details on exactly how they'll be doing things.