Tuesday Teaser! Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 32

Would you look at that?  On time two weeks in a row! :)  Here's your UC teaser for the week!

“I will love our child, be it boy or girl,” Edward said as he looked down to me.  “It is not so much that I have a true preference, though a male heir must come eventually.  I will cherish any child from your body, regardless.  I just…I feel that he is my son.  I am sure of it.”

I raised my eyebrows a little as I examined his expression.  There was no doubting the sincerity of his words, I only wondered how he could be so sure and hoped he would not be too disappointed if our first child was a girl.  I reached up to place my fingers against his cheek, and Edward turned his head to kiss my hand.  As I watched my husband’s eyes, they became intense and dark, though seemingly with worry and not desire.  He took my face in his hands and leaned forward to press his lips against my mouth, kissing me deeply for a long moment as I wrapped my arms around his neck.  When he broke away, there was still anxiety in his eyes.

“Edward, what troubles you?”

“Do you know how tempting it is now,” he said softly as his fingers brushed over my cheek, “to lock you away in some tower where no harm can come to you?  It will take all of my strength to stop myself from doing just that.  Though Forks does not, Masen Castle has such a tower.  At least, it did before Aro tore it apart.  Perhaps it is best I have no control over it, for if it were still in my possession, I would undoubtedly make use of it.”

My teeth worried my lip, tasting Edward on me in the process.  I considered his words, and wondered if he truly meant them.  By the look in his eye, I had to admit I would not have been shocked to have him consider such an action quite seriously.  I tried to push the thought from my mind, and distract him from such ponderings as well, for the idea of being locked up high in such a way caused a shiver to run through my body.

“Did someone live there?” I asked. 

“That is where our guards – my mentors – lived,” Edward confirmed.  “The ones who betrayed my family.”

His hand dropped down my body until it reached my midsection, and he placed the palm of his hand over my stomach as I covered his fingers with my own.

“I did not think you could become more precious to me,” Edward said, “but you have.”


The next chapter should post this weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the teaser.  

  2. Best Tuesdays, Teaser Tuesday :)))) thanks so much!!!! can't wait for the week end.

  3. So good :) So proud of you for being on time haha.  And Edward is just adorable. I think it's super cute

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    I love edward's words

  5. Ah haha! Expectingward is going to be quite the handful. I worry he'll attempt to keep his hands off her in fear of hurting her or the child or something else ridiculously overprotective. [Mara Benefici]

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  8. Here comes the protector!!  A little obsessed but his heart is in the right place.
    Maybe if there is something left to the tower at Masen Castle....there might be some proof of Aro's involvement....I want those two to burn just like Jane!!