Tuesday Teaser! Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 31

I just might get on schedule with this stuff again after all. :)


“Interfering with a royal bloodline is certainly an offense,” Edward informed me, “and would require Aro to compensate Forks if the allegations could be proven.”

“Compensate how?”

“Typically soldiers, grain, or gold,” Edward replied.  “He would never offer soldiers, of course, and his gold does not really interest me.  I must admit, I would take the grain if it were offered.  There are still so many refugees going hungry in the outer borders.  In the eyes of the royals, that would make up for his part in Jane’s actions.”

“But…if what Lady Rosalie said was correct, and the tea was…was killing our…”

Unable to say it aloud, my words failed, and Edward’s arms went around my back.  I buried my face in the space between his shoulder and neck and tried to breathe regularly as Edward rocked me slightly in his arms.

“I know, my wife,” he said softly.  His voice tried to soothe me as I gathered myself together.

“Can he not be punished for that?” I finally asked as I wiped my cheeks with the back of my hand.

“Are you asking if I can have him executed for what he has done?”  Edward’s tone turned harsh.

I felt my shoulders tense, and the burning behind my eyes began again.  I thought again of the children we might have had…those that may have even started growing inside of me, only to me destroyed before they had a chance at life.  I swallowed past the lump in my throat.

“Yes,” I replied softly, surprised the words were even coming from my mouth.

“Not for that, no,” Edward replied.  “Only the direct murder of another royal could call for such a measure, and there would have to be undeniable proof.  If there was no need for that, I would have killed him years ago.”

“Because you believe he was behind your parent’s murders.”


“But you have no proof.”


“What if you did?”


At this point, I'm still on schedule for an update this weekend.  If I can come up with a chapter title, anyway...



  1. yupiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, best Tuesdays are Teaser Tuesdays :))))) thank you can't wait for friday

  2. what if our favorite pacifist Queen Isabella gets a little blood thirsty...yikes! I love it!

  3. Mary (eternally addicted)September 13, 2011 at 10:04 PM

    Ohhhh Does Bella know something that Edward does not? Or is she going to make it her mission to find evidence to put Aro away for good?  Can't  wait

  4. From the sound of it Royally Plot, sounds like a good title for what might be going on in Bella's mind.  Hmmm wonder whats in her head.  Can't wait to find out. 

  5. I happy :) Love seeing a little bit of vengeance creeping into Bella's worldview. 

  6. the last comment from bella made it seem like she might know something about edwards parents death, but i hope she doesn't, because why wouldn't she have already told edward?

    however, if bella decides to go all 007 on us, then i like the title stealthily screw.

  7. What about Desirable Death or Scorn to Settle.

  8. well great, but Bella should wake up not only because Aro killed their children, but because he made her husband fuck another woman for very long time, doing God forbid whatever he did, while leaving her spend the cold and long nights alone. I cant accept she didnt feel anything about it even Angela was her friend, even worse she was her friend. It is time your isabella wakes up for good and asks questions. JMO.

  9. Can't wait!
    I'm dying to see the end of Aro and Jessica..Although I feel that there is still a long way to go before we get there right?

  10. Glad to see sweet Bella seeking vengeance! Also, discussing the whole concubine issue and how they both felt during that time would be good. Love this story Shay!

  11.  Fabulous sneak peek into the next chapter!  *squee*  As a thank you....a little Rob porn that I love that was made by Caius09.