The Power of the People!

The person who had re-posted the work of 15 other writers, myself included, has had their account wiped clean.  Thank you all so much for joining together to report this person's postings for what they are, and a big thank you to FFN for acting so quickly to take care of it.  Extra thanks to shaebo on FFN, who first alerted me of Want No More being used this way.

Now to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Tonight I shall be at the Columbus Crew game as we take on LA Galaxy.  As part of "Black Out the Galaxy" Night, we'll be heading to the darkside with a lot of Star Wars characters on the field at halftime.  I just might be one of them. ;)

Unexpected Circumstances updated last night.  My apologizes (well, sort of) for the cliff hanger, but the next chapter should also be on time.  After that the whole tone of the rest of the story is going to be very different.  I'm looking forward to it...are you? 

Tempt My Tongue...we are getting very close...the countdown is about to begin.

Are you ready?

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