And just to go on a further tirade...

If you are going to steal a story (Leah210 copied my story Want No More) and change nothing but the names, at least choose a name that fucking makes sense.  "Trapped" as a re-named version of "Want No More" with Jacob and Leah instead of Edward and Bella?  Please.  It's a stupid fucking name, for one.  If she had actually READ the shit she's stealing, this story is about someone being FREED, not TRAPPED.  

I'm fucking annoyed.

Looks like everything under her profile has been copied from other peoples work.  Please feel free to report her to FFN - reportabuse@fanfiction.com or you can also report the individual stories, though I think this whole account just needs to be terminated.

In other news, Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 32 should post tonight.


  1. I just cant believe someone would waste their time going through and changing little details like names and eye color just to pretend like a story was something you wrote. She wasn't even thorough in her character changes -- in going through the stories to pinpoint what was plagerized from whom, there were a lot of details very specific to Edward or a vampire that were suddenly attributed to wolf Jacob. So ridiculous.

    Anyway, I'm sorry, I've reported most of the stories individually and the author as a whole. I'm sure her account will be removed quickly. Please dont let this get you down. I have seen too many people leave this fandom because of plagerism and story stealing --  ugh, its just terrible.

  2. j'ai h√Ęte, j'adore UC!

  3. Honestly, I'm kind of amused someone thought they could get away with choosing a bunch of popular stories to steal.  Shows a certain level of idiocy that kind of makes me chuckle.

  4. Imitation is not flattery. It's stealing.'nuff said.

    Sorry, bb. Hope FF acts quickly.


  5. I guess what is frustrating for me is the reviews from people who dont realize they are reading plagerized stories. It makes me want to PM them and say "you're reading the wrong story, here is the real one." :-\

    But you definitely have to look at this with some humor. The audacity of someone who thinks they can use the "Find / Replace" function and then call themselves a writer...it definitely makes me laugh.

  6. Wow. What a bitch! It's really funny to see that all her reviews for the story are telling her she's a fraud and a loser. She MUST be one of those annoy tweens you see if you go to any Twilight site with a chat. She has no brains and likes to start up trouble for no reason

  7. Wow, what a bitch! She has to be one of those brainless tweens you see on any twilight site with a chat who think they can call the admin a bitch and get away with it. *cough I

  8. Oh honey that's not a tirade. That is just a piss poor excuse of a human doing unethical things. Reported AND emailed. You are exactly correct. There were no word changes. Too bad most of us can do a find and replace in word. Does that make me an author? Hell no. 

    Cannot wait for the UC update and thanks for letting us know the other monstrosity.


    I hate these things. Why
    would someone steal your work?
    Be honest and hardworking, girl!

     You've worked
    hard on all your stories, it is a shame that someone
    will steal your work.
    In the Spanish fandom also have many problems like these : (I am sure
    that her account will be removed soon!

    My support!

  10. Here is what I sent to FF. I hope they shut her down quick.
    I am contacting you about an "author" on your site, Leah210. She is taking
    other authors stories and making them her own. All she does is change character
    names. As you know all of the real authors work really hard on their stories for
    them to be turned around and plagiarized by another. I know of one story for
    sure, Want no more by savage7289. She turned it into Trapped and changed the

    As I read my tweets this morning several other stories we said to be
    plagiarized as well.

    I hope this matter is handled quickly as these authors don't deserve

    Jennifer Bullington

    Can't wait for UC tonight.

  11. Oh Shay. I dont understant peeps who copy stories from other authors and just change the title or character names. I mean you write because you love it and get satisfaction out of it. It comes with creativity. you love being creative and take the characters on a ride. We as readers like reading about them, its a source of entertainment. What satisfaction do you get from copying? who is vene going to read that story/ ewwwww. Thanks for the quick update on UC tonight:)

  12. Wow, glad I popped in to look at your blog today.  I can't believe that crazy person would plagiarize  you...does she live under a rock?  This is the first time I've ever reported abuse on FFN.  That is just insane!  And I LOVE WANT NO MORE...which I WOULD LOVE MORE OF. 

  13. i just reported  Leah210. i hate thieves!!!

  14. Ha!  I did email 2 of them that loved "her" story.  They were both very nice and said they didn't know...so we got your back Savage!!

  15. I reported her. From the reviews of the other stories it seems that they are all plagiarized. This is a pathetic thief. 

  16. savvy, can you please help araeo get kitties1 sotry removed for plagiarism. She has copied specific details from araeo's story Work in Progress. You don't follow me back on twitter so you can't see my tweets. Please help!

  17. Non vedo l'ora che aggiorni!!!!!!!!

  18. The silly bitch stole ReadingMama's Sinful Thoughts too, renaming it Secrets and making it a Jacob/Leah story.  I'm guessing she thinks E/B fans won't be interested in J/L stories so she'll get away with it.  I already reported her for Sinful Thoughts, but think I'll go back and report her for Want No More and others - presumably, all her stories are rip-offs.  I just don't see the point - other than wanting an Inbox full of people saying nice things (she seems to copy popular stories, so presumably gets initial good reviews), but to copy someone like you, whose stories are hugely popular and well-known, doesn't just make her a thief but also a complete moron!

  19. Good evening Shay,

    Sent a message on Twitter to @FF_Advocate  and they sent out their message.
    This Leah210 is being taken care of .

    Thanks for the UC update...much appreciated.


  20. errr, i just did that. i know it sounds a bit obsessive but i got really pissed off... so, i went through all the reviews for #Trapped and i PMed all the positive reviewers with info about the theft...

  21. Just checked back on that "author" and i use that term lightly, and all of her(?) stories have been removed. So you don't have to worry about that anymore. It's weird. It sucks that she took your work and attempted (rather poorly) to pass it off as her own, but in another way it would seem like an honor. Someone thought your story was so freakingly awesome, that they thought they could just change some names and receive the same amount of praise that the original person did. A completely crazy and idiotic someone, but a someone still the same. But anyway. Her stories are gone. Her profile is now sad and pathetic...kinda like her. Actually I don't know that, I'm just assuming.

  22. The day after always being better for a clearer head, I think it is likely someone young and not very forward thinking.  I'm surprised it took 2 months for anyone to notice, but I'm glad you guys banded together to help me and the other actual writers retain possession of their own work.  :)