I am totally amazed at the reaction to Unexpected Circumstances! There's like...160 reviews already!! Thank you all so much! I'm glad it's being so well received! I had to finish up the first chapter and post it, because the SB end chapter is still pissing me off. I started it over. Again. Sigh.


  1. yeah I loved the first chapter of UC. and you are my number one favourite author so I'm not surprised about how good the new story's plot is.
    of course I have tons of questions and I'm on my toes expecting the next chapter!
    but what I want to say is that's no rush. take your time, relax and write when it feels right. we aren't going anywhere, we want you to be happy with the end of SB, so we will be happy too. actually you don't even need to finish the story if you feel like spliting the final in two I won't mind....
    and I'd like to thank you for writing such great stories for us!!!

  2. oh hun we have faith in you you can do it! oh Kikabr took the words outa my mouth lol take all the time in the world :)

    Thank you dear!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Savage!

    Of course we are all excited about Unexpected Circumstances. Sexy, commanding Edward, horses, jousting and Alice? Yes, all that! :)