UC and SB

Unexpected Circumstances chapter 2 is up on FFN - enjoy!

The last chapter of SB is with the beta - be patient! :)

Don't forget to go vote in the Sparklateers Awards! Surviving Bella and Judging Books are both up for awards.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. my votes are in!!! good luck :)

  2. Love the Wedding on UC. Can't wait to read about the wedding night :) Clueless of what Bella could never give to Edward.

  3. So excited for the last SB chapter and I'm already loving UC.
    bellabells7279: I'm pretty sure that it's a heir to the throne that she can't provide. After all, that was the sole duty of the wife in those times.

  4. UC is such a delight! I think I'd love anything you wrote, but UC is seriously awesome. I can't wait to see what's going on with these two... Sir Edward, what is your deal? What's with Jessica? What's up Aro's butt? And poor confused Isabella! Aah!

    H&D is awesome. SB is awesome. JB is awesome. WNM is (too short! need more WNM!) awesome. And UC? Awe. Some.

    Savage for President!

  5. my votes are in!!! good luck :)