Good week for updates

Surviving Bella is coming to a close, with both the final chapter and the epilogue completed at this point. Be patient with the beta! Chapter 17 is about twice as long as the other chapters. I considered breaking it into two, but there just wasn't a good spot for it. Don't fret though, Unexpected Circumstances chapter 2 is also about done, so it should be able to post soon as well.

Speaking of UC - have I said wow often enough? I really am shocked by the response thus far. I've received three unsolicited banners, which are all just lovely. Thanks to everyone who has sent me one - they really are awesome! I will find a place for each of them on the UC page.

Banner by Salix caprea

Banner by Melanie

Banner by Tita Hale

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  1. Fabulous second chapter. I like the banners, though Melanie's is my favorite. It's clean and simple and very memorable.