Surviving Bella - update almost ready!

Chapter 11 of Surviving Bella is off to beta! I know it's a little late, but sometimes that's how things work. Chapter 12 should be out pretty quickly by comparison, since it's also most of the way done at this point. Then I plan on finishing up Judging Books before I get back to Surviving Bella again. It's all the back and forth that makes me nutty, ya know! :)

Don't forget -Hide & Drink was nominated for the "Just Drain Me Now" - Best Darkward award as well as "The Vicious Vamp" - Hottest Dark Vamp Fic.

Go vote quick! Voting ends October 15th!

Darkest Temptations

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  1. Thank you for that great chapter! Great to see Edward transform from a vicious fighting animal to a loving human being--he's almost there right now, almost deserves Bella. You are a fantastic writer!