Mid Week Sneak Peek - H&D Epilogue

OK - it's ain't much, 'cause it's a short chapter anyway, but let me know what you think of Boobward's dirty mouth. ;)


Not able to wait any longer after the drive, I leaped from the doorway to the couch in one jump, cradling Bella in my arms so she wasn’t jostled too much. I landed hovered over on top of her, my lips at her neck.

“Are you going to do it right now?” Bella asked with a giggle.

“No, I’m going to fuck you senseless first.”

“Edward Cullen!” Bella exclaimed, laughing again. “I think you have been spending too much time with Emmett.”

“I’ve spent decades with Emmett,” I reminded her. “Undoubtedly, it has been way too much time.”


Epi should be done tomorrow, so should have it back from Beta by Friday or Saturday.

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  1. Heh, heh...Boobward getting a "dirty mouth" was bound to happen! a) With all the sexin' they're doing/he's thinking about, b) He IS a teenager after all - acting more that age because of his new mental state and spending all his time with Bella, and c) Yeah, living with Emmett and his constant commentary of Edward's sex life for so many years!