I Feel like an idiot...

So I go to vote for my beta's story in the Golden Lemon Awards, only to find out Hide and Drink was nominated for the Best Hand Job! I had no idea, or completely forgot, or something. Either way, I feel like an idiot. LOL

Anyway...go vote for Hide and Drink!

Golden Lemon Awards

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Also checkout Twilightzoner's entry for Best Creative Roleplay, and it's called RPGs!

Most Creative RPG Entries

Vote for all categories by 8/30/10

The Hide and Drink Epilogue is in Twlightzoner's capable hands, and should be posted this weekend. Hard to believe, huh?

And yes, Surviving Bella Chapter 7 should be the next thing I post afterward. I just have to re-read chapters 1-6 so I can remember what's going on! :)

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  1. H&D was fantastic. Thanks for taking us on the wonderful journey. One of my absolute favorite E&B tellings. So original and unique. I am really looking forward to reading more of Surviving Bella. Your Edward's are so naughtily wonderful to read.