H&D Chapter 34

The last full-length chapter for Hide and Drink is off to Beta! Not much longer before this little ride will come to the finish line, or whatever. Pick your cliche. The epilogue will be out next weekend and we'll call H&D complete.

This one's a good long chapter, too. With plenty of smut! Well, at least a bit. Boobward's definitely not complaining. Here's another little sample for ya to hold you off until tomorrow...


“Is this what you want?” I asked, my voice dark and husky. The sight of her bare backside angled up in a most enticing way was making it hard to control myself. I curled my fingers and felt her muscles shudder around me.


I pulled my fingers from her and leaned over her back, putting my ear close to hers. I grasped myself around the shaft of my penis and slowly stroked the tip up and down her labia.

“More what, Bella?”

“Oh God, Edward…don’t tease me…”

“Do you want this?” I asked, smiling and nipping at her earlobe with my lips. I let just the glans past her folds and inside of her. “Do you want me to take you just like this, Bella?”



  1. cant wait to read it.

  2. No! i cant believe is almost over.

  3. No! i cant believe is almost over.