Naughty Girl for a Day

So I've agreed to be a "Naughty Girl for a Day" (I know what you are thinking - just the one day? as if), on Jasper's Naughty Girls website. This is the site that hosted the "Best Dom Ever" contest where Want No More won the voter's pick award.

So, what's the Naughty Girl of the Day do? Review dark/dom fics or talk about dark/dom fiction. So I'm hoping you guys can give me a hand and recommend a few for me to check out and review. If you have any suggestions (especially lesser known works) let me know!

This is to happen on June 21st, so whatever you can think of before then, let me know! Thanks for your help!


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  1. I have a ref - All of Me by Flibbins
    on Twilighted... very Domward