Mid-Week Sneak-Peek - H&D Chapter 27

Hello Zealots! :) Happy hump day! In honor of hump day, here's a slightly smutty teaser from Hide and Drink, Chapter 27:

I felt Bella’s hands on my head, and smiled against her skin. I reached out with my tongue and licked the little dip of her navel, kissed it, and then started to move back to her breasts.

“Other way,” Bella said softly, delicious blood pooling in her cheeks. The hands on my head pushed down a bit.

I looked up to her, confused.

“I really liked that,” she said.

“Liked what?”

“When you…you know…”

I had no idea what she meant, and had a horrible sinking feeling that I was forgetting something important. I could feel myself beginning to panic, and I knew I had to make it stop. If it kept going – if it overwhelmed me – Bella would know. She would know I wasn’t any better.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“I liked it when you used your mouth…down there.”

Oh God.

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  1. Oh my God... He doesn't remember *that*. Lol.

    She would know I wasn’t any better.

    Does that mean he had his first 'blood transfusion' and it didn't work? I do think the Volturi mentioned it took a while for the vampire to be better again?

    Looking forward to the complete chapter, as always.