H&D and Beta readers

Hide and Drink chapter 25 "Burn and Churn" is pretty much done. Usually I go through and write the bits of a chapter where I know exactly how things are going to be, then write the filler in between the "main" parts that advance the plot. That's how you get your spontaneous extra sex scene, you see. ;) I've got all the main parts and the filler, I just have to go over 3-4 times to do my own editing before I send it off to my beta reader, who fixes all my punctuation and tells me I've used the same adjective three times in a paragraph and such.

Good beta readers are a GODSEND. If you have one or two, cherish them and lavish them with gifts (beer, wine and chocolate are good choices), or at least a lot of words of thanks and praise. They deserve it.

In general, I am on schedule with the update and you should get a new chapter this weekend. Thanks for continuing to read/support Hide and Drink!

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